Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Comments On Blogickal's The Holy O

[I'm posting this comment here because of glitches in Blogickal's comments.]

Even though Feri is, in principle, a sex positive Neo-Pagan Craft Trad, it is also, on the ground, a constellation of human practitioners. Some of whom are more sex-positive, some of whom are less sex-positive, any one of whom may act in a sex-positive manner one day and a sex-negative manner another day.

I think that each practitioner emerges from a sex-negative culture and finds her or his way into a sex-positive realm that seems both enchanted and enchanting--because it is so different in the living of it. But this way crosses through many varied experiences and understandings and refleactions and visions. Only some, perhaps even a few, of these may grow from Feri practice. Others may come from the rough and tumble of relationships and not-relationships. Others may come from sources of guidance involving other Trads and spiritualities. And other may come from finding that your bliss is yours.

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