Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Working With The Land—Native Species

Over at A Pagan’s Blog, Gus diZerega has started a series of blog posts discussing what plant and animal species we Pagans do use and might use in our seasonal celebrations and magical workings. Gus endorses using what’s local, and I agree with him.

But what I’ve learned during years of practice doing work centered on the Land and its denizens and energies and wellspring places and special gifts tells me that there’s more to it—at least if this is the sort of magic that we do or want to do.

Here’s a little grafik that I did. It illustrates a working Craft circle that call upon California trees. Let it serve as an introduction to a series of blog posts on Land Magic that I’ll be writing in the coming months.

work circle 2a

To A Pagan’s Blog: