Sunday, December 28, 2008

Did I Ever See A Flying Saucer?

One of those What's your occulture? questions.

Did I ever see a flying saucer?

No, I never have.

But I've looked for them. And I find flying saucers a fascinating notion. Interstellar, maybe intergalactic, craft conveying alien life forms to visit, communicate with, study, kidnap, secretly manipulate, or whatever else is on their agendas, little old Earth and its peoples.

As a young teenager, I read Flying Saucers Have Landed by George Adamski and Desmond Leslie. Not only did it tell tales about flying saucer watchers making contact with aliens right in my own home state of California, near Mt. Palomar, but it also had a bunch of photographs of flying saucers! Plus, the flying saucer aliens looked a lot like us Earth folk and were worried about our atomic weapons.

During that time, I was also worried about our atomic weapons. So it made sense to me that flying saucer visitors would, too.

It was kinda like the science fiction stories that I enjoyed reading and the science fiction movies that I enjoyed watching had come to real life! Maybe there would be cute flying saucer girls and adventurous undertakings that all turned out right in the end.

I was, as a fan, more a science fiction optimist than a pessimist. It's a meta-literary sort of preference.


So I often, when outside, watched the skies, hoping to see a flying saucer.

Mostly, I saw birds and aircraft. On two different occasions, I did see fairly large, pretty bright, silvery colored objects high in the Eastern afternoon sky. In the daylight sky, they were visibly brighter than, say, the plane Venus. I imagined that they might have been flying saucers.

But they turned out to be balloons used to explore the upper reaches of the atmosphere. The large polyethylene balloons were launched from U.S. Navy ships out in the Pacific. They drifted eastwards on the prevailing jet streams. Looking at the right place at the right time, I happened to see them.

Still, poking around in the notion and subculture of flying saucers did give me a handle on that--What's alien technology like? Are alien visitors friend or foe? What could the government know and when and how could they cover it up? Who lives inside of Mt. Shasta? Do Zeta Reticulans really experiment on us? Are we Earthlings the one time and maybe still slaves of dreaded alien overlords?--side of occulture.


High altitude balloon flights--

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