Monday, December 29, 2008

Who Lives Inside Mt. Shasta?

Somehow as a young teenager I heard about aliens or creatures or monsters that lived inside of Mt. Shasta. Maybe from newspapers, magazines, TV, or casual conversation. The landscape of California is, after all, littered with sites and monuments and legends of popular occulture. Here, a Mystery Spot, there a mountain said to be sacred to local Native Peoples, down the road the headquarters of the Rosicrucians, down the other road geysers and healing springs and odd cult hang outs like Bohemian Grove.

Two different but vaguely linked occultural notions might have led me to link inhabitants of Mt. Shasta with flying saucers, and to flying saucer contactees--the Shaver Mystery and the I AM movement.

The Shaver Mystery, promoted by Amazing Stories science fiction magazine during the late 1940s and early 1950s and mentioned in passing later, proposed that degenerate creatures called Deros lived beneath the Earth and did things to us with their rays. There was also some vague connection with flying saucers.

So maybe I got this notion from science fiction fandom.

During the 1930s, a mining engineer with strong occulture interests announced that he had met the Count St. Germain on the slopes of Mt. Shasta. Esoteric beings inhabited the hollow mountain. Ballard and his wife started the I AM activity.

I could have picked up the idea that aliens lived inside Mt. Shasta from conversations about I AM.

Plus, Adamski claimed to have met and talked with and flown on flying saucers of--Venusians. Space brothers and sisters.

What's more, Mt. Shasta is a volcano located on the southern end of the Cascades Range. In 1947, Kenneth Arnold saw flying saucers from his airplane near Mt. Ranier, another prominent volcano northwards along the Cascades Range.

What I find intriguing about this is how simple and easy it was--and is--to discover occulture associations between fragments of this and that information. Casual conversation, fandom, geography, fringey fascination, the regional occulture landscape and mindscape, creative brain play, the urge to make stories, stuff like that.

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