Monday, October 13, 2008

A Marvelous Photo Of The Milky Way Reveals Four Vernaculars Of Magic

Award-wining photographer Wally Pacholka has taken a stunning
photograph of the Milky Way. I find it inspiring the way it combines
the Earth and its sacred practices with the enchanted expanse of
the galaxy!
Pacholka took it in Utah, at the site of "The False Kiva," a stone ring.
It's a relatively long exposure photo incorporating some episodic
area lighting of the cave. Altogether, we behold from the inner Earth
a desert landscape, the bright planet Jupiter, a starry sky, and a majestic
Milky Way.

Look at this photo here:

Also available here:
To my eyes, this photograph reveals four vernaculars of
magic in both their contrasts and their unity:

1.) The Cave--The Underground Realm

2.) The Stone Ring--The Earth
3.) Jupiter--The Planetary & Solar Realm
4.) The Milky Way--The Stellar & Celestial Realm
What I mean by vernacular of magic is an overall approach to practice and an outlook on living in the various worlds of imaginationand experience. Each vernacular addresses magic and practice distinctively.

Together, the four vernaculars comprise an intelligible language
through which we may carry on a range of magical discourses.

A tip o' the beret to my pals who hunted up additional links to this
photo when the first one got taken down.

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