Friday, October 10, 2008

On The Technical Side: I'm Trying Zoundry Raven

I decided to try out a desktop blog writer, mostly so I could write draft posts, edit, and upload them all within one application.

Previously, I wrote drafts with a word processor (AbiWord), then copied them into Blogger to edit and post them there, plus copied them into to edit and post them there. It was getting somewhat disorganized and a little glitchy. I was sometimes putting up two different versions of what I imagined was an identical blog post.

I found two desktop blog writers that looked interesting, Qumana and Zoundry Raven, so I downloaded both. After I'd installed them and tried each one out on a blog post, I decided to go with Zoundry Raven. Probably because of the way it archives my blogs on my computer. It's a bit easier for me to use than Qumana. (Frankly, I'm not a code guy when it comes to layout and appearance. I'm a WYSIWYG guy. Zoundry Raven is a WYSIWYG editor that I can use they way I like to do layout and appearance stuff.)

Neither blog writer seems to work with I'm mulling over how to do those blog posts.

Since I'm trying to manage my writing better, I'll probably start up a new blog on a platform that Zoundry Raven supports, then end up migrating some of the material to that blog. will become a relict blog.

Well, I did begin a new blog on Live Journal--Pitch's Occasionally Post-Modern Gallimaufry!

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