Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rumpled Foreskin: Latex & Rayon Spun Into A Precious Fold!

The Boing Boing title to Cory Doctorow's post about the artificial foreskin is:

Artificial foreskin lets you keep your sensitivity AND the covenant of Abraham!

Posted by Cory Doctorow, October 6, 2008 3:10 PM |

According to the Covenant of Abraham, Abraham and his descendants get circumcised as a sign of their covenant with God.

As a life-long and bedrock Neo-Pagan, this has no significance for me whatsoever. I'm not interested in observing the Covenant of Abraham, and I'm not interested in using an artificial foreskin to cover up the body mod that indicates observing the Covenant of Abraham. I don't think that Neo-Pagans have really worked out a Pagan outlook around circumcision, but I myself oppose the practice. That strikes me as natural and actively "Pagan"--go with what the deities gave me!

What struck me about the Boing Boing title was that it hinted that a man who had been circumcised for the sake of observing the Covenant of Abraham could now--using this artificial foreskin--look like a man who had not been circumcised for the sake of observing the Covenant of Abraham. And perhaps undo some of the personal consequences, as far as sensitivity and appearance go, of observing that Covenant.

Why, I wonder, would a covenanter make some sort of effort to fool or deceive the God with whom the covenant had been pledged? Or, maybe, make some sort of effort to cover up the indicator of pledging the Covenant of Abraham? As a Neo-Pagan, this is not a course that I'd recommend, the deities and guardians as I've come to know them not liking to have covenants disguised or shape-shifted. Even though it does occur to me that this wearing of an artificial foreskin is a novel manner of "having one's religious cake and eating it, too!"

Plus, I never envision the Pagan Gods & Male Guardians as circumcised. To my eyes, They are always grand and powerful in Their natural foreskins.

I'm not sure just how this links up with Neo-Pagan magical practice. But, I do look at this artificial foreskin as a potentially useful sex magical tool, one that would look intriguing on an altar. Neo-Pagan magical practice in general involves recovering a range of diminished or lost sensitivities, after all !

Much more information about the artificial foreskin and its potential benefits to male health and erotic pleasure can be found at the Viafin-Atlas web site. Testimonials from wearers suggest that a man can regain sensitivity and erotic pleasure and body image confidence via using an artificial foreskin.

grafik--a tip o' th' beret to Jeff Bucchino, The Wizard of Draws!

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Chas S. Clifton said...

The idea of wearing a "sock" on my cock seems weird, but I suppose that you would get used to it, just as you don't think about the socks on your feet from moment to moment.

On the other hand, since I had no say in the operation when it was performed, I decided a long time ago -- after reading about men who attempted surgical reconstructions on their foreskins -- not to lie awake worrying about this particular issue.

Hugh7 said...

There are many, many (bad) reasons for cutting off the most sensitive part of a baby boy's anatomy other than the covenant of Abraham, which amounts to about 1% of circumcision worldwide and 3% in the US.

An artifical foreskin is not as pleasure-giving as a real one, original or secondary, but the way to get one is by gentle tension over time (it causes the skin to grow new cells), with or without the use of specialised equipment. It doesn't have the special fine-touch nerves of the original (like those of the fingertip), and of course you can't put it on the altar unless you stay there with it.

Surgical foreskin restoration is recommended only by the surgeons who do it, for an obvious reason. It's altogether unsatisfactory at the present state of the art.

kimberly said...

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