Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Neo-Pagan Craft Values Are Green Values

From The Green Parties of North America web site, here's the list of Green values. Links on the Green values page take you to a variety of descriptions of these Ten values created by various regional Green Party organizations.

I particularly like the long description done by Charlene Spretnak
for the Green Committees of Correspondence, available on the
Green Party of California site.

The Ten Key Values of the Greens

  • Social Justice
  • Community-Based Economics
  • Nonviolence
  • Decentralisation
  • Future Focus/Sustainability
  • Feminism
  • Personal and Global Responsibility
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Grassroots Democracy
  • Ecological Wisdom

The Green Party of California version:

In my eyes, these Green values encompass my values as a Neo-Pagan Craft practitioner.

Why do I acknowledge a polytheist meta-pantheon?

To live these values.

Why do I work magic, and work via magic?

To live these values.

Why do I want the world to change and do what I can to change the world?

To live these values. To enjoy an opportunity to live these values in community.

I am a registered member of the Pacific Green Party.

Let me add that Charlene Spretnak did influence my early involvement with Neo-Pagan Craft.

Her book Lost Goddesses of Early Greece: A Collection of Pre-Hellenic Myths suggested to me ways of knowing Goddesses and of working with Them, with Their guidance, that other collections of stories and studies of mythology and historical culture had not. In particular, Spretnak nudged me towards a life-long relationship with The Muses best summed up by my invocatory poem--

Drink Her wine!
And have courage!

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